welcome to la vida adrienne

Hi there!

This is a collection of thoughts, musings, ideas and hopes, and perhaps the occasional practical suggestion 😉

Several years ago when my family moved to the west coast, I found writing to be a therapeutic and creative outlet.   As my life became filled with social media, my writing was set aside to make time for scrolling and posting on instagram and Facebook.  I have  missed writing and feel that now is the time to dust off my blog and begin to share some of  la vida adrienne.

Recently la vida adrienne has shifted from my interaction as a yoga instructor to becoming a blanket platform for all of my interests, both professional and personal.  Two areas of my yoga instruction are now in tu yoga and adventures in yoga

My calling towards continuing to bring my training and research into areas of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, grief and loss and addiction, as well as working with athletes, and people with chronic pain and mobility issues, all fill me with purpose each day.  These areas are my vision for in tu yoga.

Adventures in yoga is borne out of my own life experiences with taking my yoga practice along with me, wherever I go.  It is so interesting to find new avenues to introduce people like you, to activities and adventures while incorporating a yoga practice.  Whether its hiking up The Chief in Squamish, BC, exploring a small coastal village in Southern France, or exploring local trails or small businesses, I encourage you to step out of your box and enjoy more of what this remarkable world has to offer — even if it is just up the street from you, or in your own backyard.

Please contact me with any thoughts you may have, I’d really love to hear from you!

be kind & be well


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