On forgiveness and mercy…

Forgiveness, I believe, is an offer from from a person to a person.

Mercy is deeper than forgiveness.  Mercy is wanting the pain to stop for the other person, and perhaps holding some of their pain for them.  It’s a correction of the universal path that this person is on, and with our love, empathy, grace and non judgment we help to make that path change for them in a better direction.  We offer mercy because we are human, as are they.

Mercy is starting over. Mercy does not ask that we hold guilt and grief for what we have done.  Mercy should be something that we offer ourselves.

Mercy is starting over.  A rebirth.  A new hope that is offered in the light of kindness and courage and love.

Mercy is forgiveness, love, kindness, compassion, surrender, empathy and grace.  Mercy is found in grace, and grace is found in mercy.


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