reclined big toe pose (head to knee)

Reclined head to knee pose  supta padangusthasana can be beneficial to most levels of fitness and ages of participant.  Whether you enjoy a daily walk or work out hard in the gym, this pose is a great addition and will help to keep legs and lower back happy.  By using a strap, or a suitable substitute – I have seen a mens tie being used – we are able to relax through the upper body while gently bringing the foot towards the head.

Physical benefits include: improved digestion, stretches hamstring and psoas muscles, can help releive sciatica and low back tension, strengthens the knees, stimulates prostate gland, relieves menstrual and back discomfort and promotes reproductive health.

Mental benefits include: brings calmness to the mind and relieves stress

  1. We begin lying comfortably on our back with the soles of our feet hip width on the mat.  Knees are bent.
  2. Raise the right foot and place the strap comfortably on the ball of the right foot, holding each end of the strap in either hand.
  3. Reaching the right heel up, we lengthen the right leg as we work towards straightening the right knee.
  4. Our lower back remains rooted into the mat.
  5. Relax the elbows down on the mat.  Soften through the chest and throat and face as we close the eyes and bring our awareness, and air as we inhale, towards the tension in the back of the right leg.
  6. Option: if the right leg is straight and comfortable, we may bring the left leg long on the mat, flexing the foot as we reach long through the left heel.
  7. Working with our breath, we inhale to lengthen the spine and reach out through both heels and we direct the new air to where we are feeling the tightness.
  8. On our exhale, imagine the air releasing the tension, allowing us to gently guide the right foot towards the head.DSCF4472DSCF4473

Remain here, enjoying the breath and gradual release, as long as you wish.  🙂

If you would like to be guided through this pose with more variations, please click here for my YouTube post on la vida adrienne .

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    1. You are very welcome Shari! I am in deep thought as to what options may be of some help to you – 2.5 years of excruciating pain in the mouth is no way to live.
      I admire your positive outlook and enthusiasm to try new options.
      There must be something that will help you! I will continue researching!!
      My very best to you and your quest for wellness, Shari.
      Please keep in touch!


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