in tu photography

in tu photography

Taking photographs has brought me to realize that there is so much beauty in the details of our lives, and that the finer points that collectively make up the big moments are often overlooked.  My camera is a tool for meditation — to slow down and find the essence of life.  To explore the art of being human.



The more photos I take, the more enjoyment there is in creating interesting composition, mood and lighting; telling a story and perhaps inviting the viewer to make up their own story.






Thankfully there are thousands of pictures from travelling that are such a joy to skim through from time to time.

Check my pages out on Instagram and @life.with.ade.  Tumbler offers a wonderful platform to share photographs, please visit  in tu photography and life with ade  Also Facebook as well in tu photography and life with ade


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One of my passions is taking detail and candid shots for group events, businesses, individuals, and families.  So much effort and planning goes in to making your special occasion or event just right, and rarely can one take in all that is happening during that time.  Reflecting back on the affair through a collection of still images, similar to looking at cherished family albums, allows memories to flow while keeping a record of what worked and what could be improved upon for the next event or gathering – especially for businesses and organized events such as fundraisers.



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