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Having graduated from Grove Yoga School’s Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour program in March 2017, my life has become more meaningful.  I have always enjoyed volunteering and being helpful — to experience how beneficial yoga can be to any individual, feels like I have found myself and my purpose.  I am grateful for the opportunity to guide individuals to find their own practice through breathing techniques, movement and meditation. It feels right.  It fees amazing! It feels like I have found my calling.  Better late than never!

My yoga offerings follow two paths which begin with the same intention, diverge through the process, and then come together in the end to find similar results with all of those who I am blessed to work with. The intention of both is to provide space for people to find their own practice by listening to their intuition, tuning into their mind body and spirit, and becoming comfortable and curious enough to be able to gently expand their comfort zone. The paths separate to become in tu yoga and adventures in yoga.  My passion to work and learn more in the following areas:

  • mental health – depression & anxiety, grief & loss, addiction, PTSD/CPTSD
  • athletic performance – physical & mental efficiency, strength & balance, injury reduction & recovery and concussion/TBI
  • overall wellness – chronic pain, autoimmune disease, mood management, mobility issues due to previous injury or aging

are the focus for in tu yoga.  Adventures in yoga, developed as I found my own practice began to enter into my daily adventures.  Yoga can be present in all that we do, and I invite you to explore and have fun learning and experiencing new things, and meet some amazing and interesting people, while incorporating elements of yoga practice.

At the end of the day…or practice… my hope is for everyone to feel better.  It’s as simple as that.

Thanks for reading! I look forward hearing from you with any ideas, inquiries, or experiences that you have.



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